Home News Future welcomes his sixth child from his sixth babymama

Future welcomes his sixth child from his sixth babymama


Congratulations are in order for rapper Future as he welcomes his sixth child. Instagram model Eliza Reign shared a photo of herself holding her newborn earlier today as she wrote out a lengthy caption detailing hey joy from giving life to her daughter.

She wrote:

This pregnancy was absolutely the toughest, most humbling, yet beautiful experience of my life. I went through hell and back. Health complications seemingly from day one. Lost friends, money, opportunities, and even some of the little bit of sanity I thought I had 😂. However, this journey taught me to be more understanding, observant, forgiving, and most importantly PATIENT 😩. There were times I felt so alone and would look down at my belly and immediately cheer up, knowing she’s hanging in there with me through all of the stress and drama. She’s truly been my protection and kept me strong and going. There were moments I began to doubt myself, but my spirit wouldn’t stay down, thanks to my beautiful little girl.

When Eliza announced that she was pregnant, she openly stated that Future was the father but he wanted her to abort the baby. She claims that she and Future had a casual on-again-off-again relationship for two years before she got pregnant. She accused him of offering to pay her if she got rid of the baby and when she refused, she said he threatened her.

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